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In industrial refrigeration, standard commercial solutions often fall short, as every application has its own unique requirements. Every product has to be perfectly customized to achieve the

optimal efficiency and climate conditions. That’s why Alfa Laval has developed Arctigo, our industrial air cooler platform. 

Arctigo air coolers are built with an appli...

Alfa Laval redefines adiabatic cooling

The next generation in efficient cooling, Alfa Laval Abatigo, is optimized to deliver long-term savings in water, energy, chemicals and maintenance time.

With energy and water becoming very precious resources, applications in heat rejection are facing increasing challenges to achieve both economical and ecological sust...

Alfa Laval T8 – Energy efficiency at its peak

The all-new compact gasketed plate heat exchanger

The new Alfa Laval T8 gasketed plate heat exchanger is a perfect balance between optimal capacity, reliable performance and compact size. Equipped with exciting innovations such as Alfa Laval CurveFlowTM, Alfa Laval ClipGripTM and the unique perpendicular corner...

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