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Welded plate-and-shell heat exchangers

The Alfa Laval portfolio of welded plate-and-shell heat exchangers offers ultimate robustness for challenging high-pressure process duties. They are designed for high temperatures and high pressures, primarily for clean process fluids. The units deliver efficient heat transfer with a small footprint, which makes them ideal where space is restricted.

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Alfa Laval is the only supplier on the market with more than a half-century of experience with spiral technology. Today our spiral heat exchangers can be found in plants around the world, solving tough problems in industries that include: petrochemical, refinery, steel making, pulp and paper, mineral processing (metals, ore), wastewater treatment (municipal and industrial), pharmaceutical, vegetable oil refining and natural gas transportation.



Alfa Laval DuroShell is a plate-and-shell heat exchanger specially engineered for demanding duties such as high pressure and high-temperature applications.



Alfa Laval Packinox design is the largest type of plate heat exchanger currently available anywhere in the world.



Alfa Laval Ziepack compact in-column condensers, stab-in reboilers, and gas-gas heat exchangers are designed for high condensation or evaporation duties, primarily in the petrochemical industry.

Related Industries



Petrochemicals producers turn to Alfa Laval to reduce energy use and emissions while getting the most out of available resources and increasing production efficiencies.


Oil and Gas

Oil and gas operations are all about constantly optimizing process performance while maintaining safety for people and the environment.


Thermal power

Increasing efficiency and reliability calls for broad expertise, technologies and services. Alfa Laval's solutions for turbine-driven power plants help secure stable, economical supply of electricity.

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