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Prolong equipment lifetime



In more than 100 Alfa Laval service centres around the world, a range of reconditioning services are offered to enhance the performance of your equipment, extend its lifetime and ensure a safe and efficient operation.




Cleaning, crack detection, reassembling with new gaskets, pressure testing and replacement of defective plates are just some of the things we help you with, as well as making recommendations for other service measures. You can tailor your own package of services or choose a pre-defined one.




How it works

Our experts:

  • Propose reconditioning solutions that match your requirements for turnaround time, budget and application

  • Follow proven procedures that observe the highest quality and health regulations

  • Use original spare parts

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Ten top tips to keep your Alfa Laval equipment in tip top condition

Reconditioning for gasketed plate heat exchangers

The colour of performance - blue, yellow and red reconditioning packages for plate heat exchangers

Yellow - when less is more

Blue - the simple solution

Red - for heavy demand

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