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Welded plate-and-block heat exchangers

The Alfa Laval Compabloc range provides compact and efficient heat transfer for a wide range of clean and dirty process duties. Full and easy cleanability on both circuits makes it the most service friendly welded heat exchanger on the market.

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Alfa Laval Compabloc range is compact and designed for optimum performance and serviceability across broad spectrum of industrial process applications.

Related Industries



Petrochemicals producers turn to Alfa Laval to reduce energy use and emissions while getting the most out of available resources and increasing production efficiencies.


Oil and Gas

Oil and gas operations are all about constantly optimizing process performance while maintaining safety for people and the environment.


Pulp Production

High energy costs, strict environmental legislation and rising material costs affect pulp mill profitability. Alfa Laval finds increasingly efficient ways for mills to meet today's challenges. 



The development of fuels from renewable energy sources is of great importance in securing future energy supplies, reducing oil dependency and CO2 emissions.


Engine and Transport

Alfa Laval's advanced heat transfer, filtration and separation products and solutions ensure engines perform efficiently, within the lowest life-cycle costs and minimal impact on the environment.


Thermal power

Increasing efficiency and reliability calls for broad expertise, technologies and services. Alfa Laval's solutions for turbine-driven power plants help secure stable, economical supply of electricity.


Nuclear power

For critical cooling, heating and cleaning processes, nuclear plant owners rely on Alfa Laval for compliant solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiency and enchance safety.


Paper Production

Highly efficient energy-saving solutions boost productivity and reduce environmental impact. With vast pulp and paper expertise, Alfa Laval helps mills meet today's challeges.

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