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Separation innovation for reliability and business excellence

At Alfa Laval we understand the critical role that a separator plays in your operations. From food and beverage processing and pharmaceuticals to marine applications, oil and gas and more, we can support you with both the expertise and product portfolio to match your application needs. For over a century, we have built a reputation of supplying reliable technology with innovations that continuously improve separation performance, safety and sustainability.

130 years of innovation and expertise

  • Reliable and highly efficient separation performance

  • Extensive experience in virtually all separation applications

  • The market’s broadest portfolio of disc stack separators

  • Expert support from globally accessible trained service technicians

  • Rapid delivery of high-quality spare parts anywhere in the world

Alfa Laval is here to help you solve your separation challenges. As our partner, you have access to today’s most complete and diverse offering of separators – each fully optimized for its specific duty and supplied with all auxiliary systems and key components. With extensive experience and application knowledge, we can also provide training and in-depth support for everything from basic separation tasks to those involving highly complex liquids and solids. Combined with our worldwide service network, you can count on reliable, high-quality and sustainable operation throughout the long lifetime of your equipment. To learn more about the ways we can boost separation performance for your business, select your application area from the list below.

Related products 



The Alfa Laval AlfaPure range of centrifugal separator systems removes oil, grease and solid particles from water and oil-based liquids. Continuous cleaning increases wash liquid life by 600%.


BD series

The critical technologies for biodiesel processing are heating, separation and mixing. Alfa Laval supplies products within all three technologies for the different production steps.



Alfa Laval Alfie centrifugal separators remove oil, grease and solid particles from industrial coolants. They help prevent tool wear, reduce fluid consumption and lower your disposal costs.

Related Industries 



Petrochemicals producers turn to Alfa Laval to reduce energy use and emissions while getting the most out of available resources and increasing production efficiencies.


Nuclear power

For critical cooling, heating and cleaning processes, nuclear plant owners rely on Alfa Laval for compliant solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiency and enchance safety.


Industrial Fluids

Alfa Laval has a range of equipment for effective cleaning of coolants and wash liquids so that you can prolong your equipment life time and save money from reusing your industrial fluids.


Paper Production

Highly efficient energy-saving solutions boost productivity and reduce environmental impact. With vast pulp and paper expertise, Alfa Laval helps mills meet today's challeges.



The development of fuels from renewable energy sources is of great importance in securing future energy supplies, reducing oil dependency and CO2 emissions.


Oil and Gas

Oil and gas operations are all about constantly optimizing process performance while maintaining safety for people and the environment.


Metal working

Alfa Laval supplies a broad range of heating, cooling and fluid cleaning solutions for the metalworking industry.


Pulp Production

High energy costs, strict environmental legislation and rising material costs affect pulp mill profitability. Alfa Laval finds increasingly efficient ways for mills to meet today's challenges. 


Engine power

Whether you work with diesel engines themselves or their application in power generation, your choice of auxiliary equipment.


Fluid Power

Alfa Laval helps customers around the world to cool down and/or filtrate hydraulic oils and lube oils for maximum performance.


Engine and Transport

Alfa Laval's advanced heat transfer, filtration and separation products and solutions ensure engines perform efficiently, within the lowest life-cycle costs and minimal impact on the environment.


Steel production

The world's most energy-intensive processes demand smart solutions. That's why steel producers turn to Alfa Laval. Our expertise, equipment and services lower total cost of operation and raise yields.

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