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Cylindrical filter baskets

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The Alfa Laval Filter (ALF) constitutes of a range of automatically selfcleaning filters/strainers, used mainly to protect heat exchangers from clogging, fouling and corrosion in various industries.

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Related Industries



The development of fuels from renewable energy sources is of great importance in securing future energy supplies, reducing oil dependency and CO2 emissions.


Oil and Gas

Oil and gas operations are all about constantly optimizing process performance while maintaining safety for people and the environment.


Engine power

Whether you work with diesel engines themselves or their application in power generation, your choice of auxiliary equipment.


Thermal power

Increasing efficiency and reliability calls for broad expertise, technologies and services. Alfa Laval's solutions for turbine-driven power plants help secure stable, economical supply of electricity.


Nuclear power

For critical cooling, heating and cleaning processes, nuclear plant owners rely on Alfa Laval for compliant solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance safety.

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