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Separate yourself from the competition

Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges help you separate solids from liquids within one single continuous process. Stand out from the competition with high performance separation that results in extracted / clarified products of excellent quality and higher commercial value. Make a difference as you recover valuable raw materials, reduce energy consumption and lower footprint and waste management costs with our industrial decanter centrifuge machines and services.

Make a difference to your business and the environment:

  • High-performance separation, resulting in high-value products and low waste management costs

  • Low energy consumption and carbon footprints

  • Low maintenance costs thanks to continuous operation, high-grade machine materials, smart design and well-thought preventive services

  • Low capital cost/capacity ratio

Solid-liquid separation is a common manufacturing process and Alfa Laval has more than 60 years of experience in decanter centrifuge uses to meet this requirement in various industries. Together with our industry know-how and specialist process experience from all over the world, Alfa Laval can match your exact needs for each particular application and installation.

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Petrochemicals producers turn to Alfa Laval to reduce energy use and emissions while getting the most out of available resources and increasing production efficiencies.


Pulp Production

High energy costs, strict environmental legislation and rising material costs affect pulp mill profitability. Alfa Laval finds increasingly efficient ways for mills to meet today's challenges. 



The development of fuels from renewable energy sources is of great importance in securing future energy supplies, reducing oil dependency and CO2 emissions.


Steel production

The world's most energy-intensive processes demand smart solutions. That's why steel producers turn to Alfa Laval. Our expertise, equipment and services lower total cost of operation and raise yields.


Oil and Gas

Oil and gas operations are all about constantly optimizing process performance while maintaining safety for people and the environment.

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